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About Us

Nii is a young Swiss-Peruvian brand focussing on high-quality yet feminine and sun-protective surf- and beachwear. It attaches great importance to socially responsible and environmentally conscious production and has a high quality claim. Therefore, only the best material is used to maximize the life of each piece. Every single piece is made with love and passion by Yvone Canales in her small sewing workshop in Lima, Peru. For Nii it is highly important to ensure that fair wages are being paid. 


As a small business, we do our utmost to reduce the environmental impact, but we are aware that there is a long way to go. As a compensation, we donate a part of our profit to an NGO working on issues such as climate change, ocean cleaning or fair working conditions. We will inform you annually which organization has received our donations. 

The brand Nii: Nii is the element of water of the Mochica culture, one of the most important pre-Inca cultures of ancient Peru (100 AD to 800 AD). It is characterized by their high hydraulic, architectural, agricultural and artistic technology and their close relationship with astrology and religion. They have been great navigators. They built caballitos de tototora, a reed watercraft, which were made smaller for fishing and larger for their trips to the equatorial coasts, and with which they practiced an early form of surfing.


Collaboration with Alena Ehrenbold

The friendship between Nii-founder Annick and professional surfer Alena began at an early age on the playground. The two grew up in the same neighbourhood, but already lost contact in primary school. Almost three decades later, their passion for surfing brought them back together again. After the premiere of Alena's surf movie "Blue Road" in Lucerne in 2017, the two women got into conversation. Since then the paths have crossed again and again. In mid-2018 it became apparent that Alena was looking for a new collaboration with a surf clothing brand from the end of 2018. To go "back to the roots" and become the ambassador for a Lucerne brand, as well as to revive an old friendship, sounded tempting. Annick and Alena have been working together ever since. But it didn't stop there. Soon the idea came up that Alena would produce her own design collection with Nii. The first pieces have been available since spring 2019. This seems to be just the beginning. More ideas are being developed. 

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